Shipping and Delivery

Shipping Countries 
We ship all over the world.

Shipping fees 
Shipping is always included in all our prices. There are no additional shipping costs.

Shipping Times 
All orders are managed by the warehouse and taken over by the couriers within 48 working hours from receipt of the order confirmation.

Estimated Shipping Times 
Estimated shipping times are 10 to 25 working days. We do not have items ready for delivery but we ship to order and this allows us to have low cost and competitive prices.
There may be exceptions for the countries of South America (such as Brazil, Argentina, etc.) Africa and Russia where deliveries may take 1-2 months due to longer delivery times for goods clearance.
The goods are MADE IN: United States, Singapore, Holland, Russia, PRC and India depending on the item purchased.
Shipping times are estimated times. This means that More to Love is not responsible should there be delays due to force majeure. For example: technical problems, delays due to couriers managing the shipment / sorting, holidays (for example Chinese New Year), weather conditions, etc.

How to track the shipped package 
You will be provided with a tracking number. A shipping number for each item purchased. You will find the shipping code directly in your account about 15 days after the order confirmation date. It will always be available under your account to be consulted.
However, as soon as the tracking number is available, More to Love will send you an informative email to inform you that the tracking number has been registered in your account. 


We remind you that packages must be collected no later than 30 days from the date shown on the attempted delivery card left by the post office. If the package is not collected within these terms, it will be returned to the sender without further communication. More to Love is not responsible if the package should be returned to the warehouse due to the customer's failure to collect it. If the customer decides to request the return of the garment, More to Love will ask for a contribution for shipping costs of € 10 per garment. If, on the other hand, the customer opts for a refund, More to Love will refund the amount minus € 10 due to management costs.

More to Love reminds you that the track code is very important not only to track and monitor the shipment and delivery but also to check if the package is placed in storage. 

If you do not receive the package on time 

If 60 working days have passed and you have not yet received your purchase, please send us an email to   and be sure to specify your name / surname & order number. In the subject of the email specify "Order Not Received" and we will try our best to help you. In the rare cases where parcels are lost, an immediate refund of the entire amount you have spent will be made or we will seek together the best solution for you.

If you have purchased more than one item but only one has arrived 
Each garment is treated individually. This means that each garment corresponds to a shipment and therefore a relative shipment number. If you have ordered more than one garment you will find in your account, 15 days after your purchase, the shipment number for each garment purchased. 

Do I have to pay customs duties?
It could happen that, once it reaches its destination, the package is subject to customs controls. In these very rare cases, there may be costs for customs clearance of the order that will be borne by the buyer. handled and shipped individually even if it is part of the same purchase